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Each project runs through a collaborative process involving planning, design, story, filming and finally editing. No two projects are alike,

therefore careful planning and communication start on paper. Northgate Entertainment will help assist in developing your vision into a finished product. The creative team begins with writing an outline based on the needs of the project. This outline then becomes a script. The script is then broken down into drawings of each scene called storyboards. After the client is satisfied with both the script and storyboards, the search for talent, locations and visual elements begins. When all is set, the project can then be shot. Depending on the project, the team required to shoot can greatly vary from one DP and one camera, to a larger team. After the entire project is shot, we begin the process of editing, color grading and color correcting. This is perhaps the longest process of the job and is what ties everything together. This process requires thorough knowledge of color theory, the visual language of editing and a creative touch to make each project paramount.